3 Piece Nesting Coffee Table

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Description :
A 3 piece nesting coffee table set typically consists of three tables of different sizes that can be nested, or stacked, one inside the other. These tables are usually designed to be compact and space-saving, and are often used in smaller living spaces where a traditional coffee table might be too large.
They can be made from a variety of materials, such as MDF sheet, metal and are available in a range of styles to match different decor themes. Some 3 piece nesting coffee table sets may also include additional features, such as storage drawers or shelves, to provide additional functionality.

Iron Powder coated
MDF sheet
Size: Large 21.65" H x 19.68" Dia
Medium: 19.68" H x 16.53" Dia
Small: 17.71" H x 13.77" Dia

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