Dakota Champagne Velvet & Metal Barstool

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Velvet fabric has a fine pile which may appear to have shading variations and bruising of the velvet surface. This is not a manufacturing defect but natural characteristics of velvet. To resolve this, we recommend that you gently massage with your fingers or use a dry sponge to rub the velvet surface.  To speed up this process you could use a hairdryer on a low heat setting. To keep your velvet looking its best, we suggest occasionally vacuum the material to remove any surface dust. 


Total Height 89cm,  35 inches
Total Width 44cm, 17.7 inches
Total Depth 49.5cm, 18 inches
Seat Height 67cm, 26 inches
Seat Width 43cm, 17 inches
Seat Depth 43cm, 17 inches
Leg Height 61cm, 24 inches

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