Dazzling Metal Faucet Rack

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Product Details:
  • Mounted on the faucet, saving your space and keeps your kitchen sink tidy and drying.
  • Can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, and other scenes, recycle.
  • The open and hollow bottom design allows water to drain fast, the sink rack will keep your sponges away from dirty water in the pool and prevent bacterial from growing.
Product Usage:
  • Perfect for holding sponges, scouring pads, nylon scrubbers, brushes, soaps, liquid soap dispensers, and other kitchen bathroom sink supplies right where you need them.
Product Installation:
  • First, snap the buckle to the stainless steel tube. Next, install the sponge holder to the faucet and tighten the threaded cap. Compatible with most round faucet tubes.
Product Material Type:
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Build
  • High-Quality ABS Build
Product Package Includes:
  •  1 * Dazzling Metal Faucet Rack

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